A photograph of myself I would like to suppress

My father is a photographer, so there are many candid photos of me. One of my embarrassing picture which I always hate is my childhood picture of me getting scared of a rat. Since my dad is a photographer he keeps clicking pictures of me playing, dancing, sleeping, etc. During my childhood I used to play a lot with my toys. One day I was playing with my toys in the veranda and my father was capturing my photos. When I was playing suddenly a rat sneaked into my house and just went across me where I was playing. Since I was a small child I got so frightened and I began to scream. At  this point when my father clicked the picture, I looked so awkward with my hair flying in the air, my eyes popping out, my face with fear and anxiety, my mouth open like a dinosaur and my hands making actions like a zombie. I literally look terrific in that picture and  I hate it the most. Even today my parents make fun of me looking at that picture.


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