My favorite spot in the college campus is the quadrangle. Near the quadrangle is a huge banyan tree which is almost 100 years old. In this spot there are many stone benches. It is a clean environment and full of greenery since there are many small plants which are placed in the pots. The main reason why this is my favorite place is because there is cool breeze all the time,and its quite big enough, there are benches so that I can sit and chat with my friends and others. Sometimes this place is so silent, clean and heavenly. I like to listen to music and enjoy this surrounding. When I feel lonely I go and sit there so that I won’t feel bored. I go to this place mainly to get peace. I feel enthusiastic and happy when I see other students in the college enjoying and playing. Whatever I experience when I sit here are the best memories I am going to cherish in the future, remembering my college life.


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