My first encounter with technology was the Television. From the time I was born there was a TV in my home. After I grew up a little older, maybe I was 4 years old, I started watching TV. As far as I remember I mostly watched animated cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Mr. Bean, etc of which I am very fond of even today. Then later I started listening to songs and watching movies. Since I was only 4 years old, my kindergarten classes used to start late. So I used to get up at 5 in the morning and as soon as I get up I used to watch TV until I leave my home for school. Even after coming back from school, my favorite show would be telecasted and my eyes were glued to the TV alone. Even though I had a remote for the TV set I used to sit right in front of the TV and watch. Because of this I used to get scolding from my mother. Later I started watching discovery channel and it became one of my favorites. I learnt a lot from that channel. I used the TV not only for recreation purpose or entertainment alone but also for gaining knowledge too. Surprisingly even though I watched TV too much, I am not wearing spectacles now.


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