Summer holidays over, it was the time to forget our leisure time and start focusing on studies again.When I entered college all was new to me and I had mixed feelings and was little bit scared.
           Then I entered the classroom and looked all around me and felt a little comfortable that I got a new friend who is going to be with me for three long years and that I will never be lonely. When the regular classes started I had an encounter with her for the first time. Since it was the first encounter we did not talk much. Just saw each other. The next day she glared down on me and showed me a lot of lively things she had.She spoke many things to me and shared many colorful images, many useful information and wonderful landscapes and celestial bodies and images of the galaxy and universe that she knew and some good things which I did not know. She taught me how to perceive things in a good way. Later we started to meet on a daily basis. I improved my general knowledge and was updated with the latest information. Since she became my best friend I wanted to know more about her.Then I started observing her. Sometimes she looked bright and sometimes dull. One day when I looked into her eyes, I saw that she had a spark in her eye. She always glows in the dark. I have many friends, good and bad, but this friend of mine is a good companion and she is to be treasured in my life.
Can you guess who was my friend I was talking about?

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