The first person I met in the canteen was a girl. Her name is Sharon. She is studying in St. Joseph’s College and has taken up BCOM course.  She has an elder sister. She looks sweet and friendly. she resides near C.V.Raman nagar. She told me that she like teddy bears a lot. She is a huge fan of actor Prabhas. She likes puppies but she also said she is scared of them. During her free time she does sketching, writing quotes on various topics and loves doing stuffs regarding animation. Her favorite color is blue. She likes to travel to different places and loves engaging in wildlife photography. I was surprised when she told me that there is nothing that she dislikes. Her hobbies are listening to music. She told she has many best friends and one of them is Sonu. Her favorite food is biryani and shavarma rolls. The sport she likes is throw ball, football and she watches the game, cricket. She loves and enjoys playing guitar and her favorite musician is A.R.Rahman.
Most of her likes and hobbies are similar to mine. All I came to know is she is a kind and sympathetic person.

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