My experience about the activity in class

It was a rainy evening and the weather was cold and cozy. We were a class combined with other course students. My lecturer came late to class and she was confused on what activity to conduct. She later came up with an idea and told us to choose one of the other course students and communicate with that person. I chose a girl and started talking to her and came to know all about her. I actually enjoyed because it’s really nice to share views and talk to people from other courses and background. We had fun and got to know more about each other. This type of communication was much easier, faster and interactive. As for now I have got another friend. I could express myself openly. Later the next activity was we had to choose another student and communicate with actions. This was really tough, so we thought to write and communicate. This type of communication was a little difficult and tiring since we had to write down each and every question and answers. This was not that interactive and was a bit boring as well. I felt the first activity was interesting and good compared to the second activity.


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