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My experience about the activity in class

It was a rainy evening and the weather was cold and cozy. We were a class combined with other course students. My lecturer came late to class and she was confused on what activity to conduct. She later came up with an idea and told us to choose one of the other course students and communicate with that person. I chose a girl and started talking to her and came to know all about her. I actually enjoyed because it’s really nice to share views and talk to people from other courses and background. We had fun and got to know more about each other. This type of communication was much easier, faster and interactive. As for now I have got another friend. I could express myself openly. Later the next activity was we had to choose another student and communicate with actions. This was really tough, so we thought to write and communicate. This type of communication was a little difficult and tiring since we had to write down each and every question and answers. This was not that interactive and was a bit boring as well. I felt the first activity was interesting and good compared to the second activity.



The first person I met in the canteen was a girl. Her name is Sharon. She is studying in St. Joseph’s College and has taken up BCOM course.  She has an elder sister. She looks sweet and friendly. she resides near C.V.Raman nagar. She told me that she like teddy bears a lot. She is a huge fan of actor Prabhas. She likes puppies but she also said she is scared of them. During her free time she does sketching, writing quotes on various topics and loves doing stuffs regarding animation. Her favorite color is blue. She likes to travel to different places and loves engaging in wildlife photography. I was surprised when she told me that there is nothing that she dislikes. Her hobbies are listening to music. She told she has many best friends and one of them is Sonu. Her favorite food is biryani and shavarma rolls. The sport she likes is throw ball, football and she watches the game, cricket. She loves and enjoys playing guitar and her favorite musician is A.R.Rahman.
Most of her likes and hobbies are similar to mine. All I came to know is she is a kind and sympathetic person.


 Summer holidays over, it was the time to forget our leisure time and start focusing on studies again.When I entered college all was new to me and I had mixed feelings and was little bit scared.
           Then I entered the classroom and looked all around me and felt a little comfortable that I got a new friend who is going to be with me for three long years and that I will never be lonely. When the regular classes started I had an encounter with her for the first time. Since it was the first encounter we did not talk much. Just saw each other. The next day she glared down on me and showed me a lot of lively things she had.She spoke many things to me and shared many colorful images, many useful information and wonderful landscapes and celestial bodies and images of the galaxy and universe that she knew and some good things which I did not know. She taught me how to perceive things in a good way. Later we started to meet on a daily basis. I improved my general knowledge and was updated with the latest information. Since she became my best friend I wanted to know more about her.Then I started observing her. Sometimes she looked bright and sometimes dull. One day when I looked into her eyes, I saw that she had a spark in her eye. She always glows in the dark. I have many friends, good and bad, but this friend of mine is a good companion and she is to be treasured in my life.
Can you guess who was my friend I was talking about?



My favorite spot in the college campus is the quadrangle. Near the quadrangle is a huge banyan tree which is almost 100 years old. In this spot there are many stone benches. It is a clean environment and full of greenery since there are many small plants which are placed in the pots. The main reason why this is my favorite place is because there is cool breeze all the time,and its quite big enough, there are benches so that I can sit and chat with my friends and others. Sometimes this place is so silent, clean and heavenly. I like to listen to music and enjoy this surrounding. When I feel lonely I go and sit there so that I won’t feel bored. I go to this place mainly to get peace. I feel enthusiastic and happy when I see other students in the college enjoying and playing. Whatever I experience when I sit here are the best memories I am going to cherish in the future, remembering my college life.



My first encounter with technology was the Television. From the time I was born there was a TV in my home. After I grew up a little older, maybe I was 4 years old, I started watching TV. As far as I remember I mostly watched animated cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Mr. Bean, etc of which I am very fond of even today. Then later I started listening to songs and watching movies. Since I was only 4 years old, my kindergarten classes used to start late. So I used to get up at 5 in the morning and as soon as I get up I used to watch TV until I leave my home for school. Even after coming back from school, my favorite show would be telecasted and my eyes were glued to the TV alone. Even though I had a remote for the TV set I used to sit right in front of the TV and watch. Because of this I used to get scolding from my mother. Later I started watching discovery channel and it became one of my favorites. I learnt a lot from that channel. I used the TV not only for recreation purpose or entertainment alone but also for gaining knowledge too. Surprisingly even though I watched TV too much, I am not wearing spectacles now.


A photograph of myself I would like to suppress

My father is a photographer, so there are many candid photos of me. One of my embarrassing picture which I always hate is my childhood picture of me getting scared of a rat. Since my dad is a photographer he keeps clicking pictures of me playing, dancing, sleeping, etc. During my childhood I used to play a lot with my toys. One day I was playing with my toys in the veranda and my father was capturing my photos. When I was playing suddenly a rat sneaked into my house and just went across me where I was playing. Since I was a small child I got so frightened and I began to scream. At  this point when my father clicked the picture, I looked so awkward with my hair flying in the air, my eyes popping out, my face with fear and anxiety, my mouth open like a dinosaur and my hands making actions like a zombie. I literally look terrific in that picture and  I hate it the most. Even today my parents make fun of me looking at that picture.

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